Structure of Christ Church URC

We follow the structure for church government as laid down in the Manual of Procedure for the United Reformed Church. We therefore have a ‘Church Meeting’ which meets up to eight times a year to discuss the life of the church and vote on any major decisions that affect its running. It elects a group of Elders who are ordained and inducted to serve for a period up to two three-year terms and then take at least one year’s break. The ‘Elders’ Meeting’ is responsible for pastoral, financial, practical and spiritual oversight of the church and meets up to ten times a year.

In addition at Christ Church we have ‘Working Groups’ which report annually to the above Meetings, and bring any interim matters to the members’ attention. They consist of a Convenor and six members along with the Minister, Church Secretary and Treasurer who are ex-officio. The Groups are:

Pastoral Care
Discipleship and Witness
Children and Youth Ministry
Fellowship and Hospitality
World Church and Society

People usually offer to serve on the Working Groups for a three-year term which can be renewed. Working Groups meet at least four times a year.