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Sunday 19th Nov 10.30am - Guest Speaker & Funday School

Our special guest speaker will be Rev'd Nicola Furley-Smith, Moderator of the Southern Synod of the United Reformed Church. Also, our Sunday School (we call it the Church of Youth) will hold a Funday School event. As usual, there'll be something for everyone, but our service on this morning will be exceptional. Whilst Rev'd Furley-Smith addresses the adult congregation, visiting children will join one of our fun groups for a taste of what we do, week by week, on Sunday mornings.

Using a wide variety of media including graphics, art and craft, dance, music and drama we aim to teach children the basics of the Christian faith in a fun way and in the process, help to instill some of the values which will help them in the choices that they will have to make as they grow up. For more information, click on the heading above.

Our groups are:

Beginners - for 3 to 5 year olds

Juniors - for 6 to 10 year olds

Seniors - for 11 years up

Of course, our Church of Youth departments meet throughout the year and, although we are holding this special event to attract attention to our services, children will receive a warm welcome whenever they join us. During a regular Sunday we meet at 10.30am, The children will join in the first 15 or 20minutes of the service when the theme of the sermon is introduced in a way that is easy for the whole congregation to understand. We will generally sing a hymn or two and say a prayer during this time. Then the children will leave to receive teaching appropriate to their age-group in rooms elsewhere in the church complex whilst the adults continue with a service of worship.

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Published on 17 October 2017

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